Spitzer Scandal Call Girl Ashley Dupre Weighs $2M Offer; Married Man Admits Affair

Eliot Spitzer scandal call girl Ashley Dupre is weighing a $2 million deal offered by a veteran reality-show producer that could cast her as "a kind of Dr. Phil," the New York Post reported.

David Krieff, who brought together Amy Fisher and the Buttafuocos and Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding for TV specials, approached Dupre two weeks ago after getting a letter of commitment from an entertainment network and a major studio, he told The Post.

The producer and Dupre's lawyers and publicist have been discussing the details by phone and could seal the deal within the next two weeks, according to Krieff.

"It's a seven-figure deal," said Krieff. "There could be a book. It's an overall exclusive-rights deal," Krieff told the Post. "As far as I know, it's the only deal she's considering."

Krieff said Dupre wants a show "that maybe cleans up her image," and has expressed an interest in journalism and lounge singing.

"She also has a strong desire to give to a charity," he said. "She's very analytical. She wants to help people. She sees herself as a kind of Dr. Phil."

The deal could include a two-hour interview in which Dupre would talk about her secret double life as "Kristen," a pricey prostitute whose alleged hook-up with Spitzer at a D.C. hotel on Feb. 13 ruined his career.

Meanwhile, married New Jersey businessman Thomas "TJ" Earle admitted to a fling with Dupre on Friday, saying he's "ashamed" of the month-long affair.

And Spitzer is a humbled man who's been spending time repairing his relationship with his wife, Silda, sources told the Post.

"He very much regrets his actions," said an ex-aide. "It was a personal failing."

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