Spitzer Nemesis Sent Letter to FBI Alleging His Use of Call Girls

A lawyer for Republican political operative Roger Stone sent a letter to the FBI alleging former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer used a high priced call girls while in Florida, the Miami Herald reported.

''The governor has paid literally tens of thousands of dollars for these services. It is Mr. Stone's understanding that the governor paid not with credit cards or cash but through some pre-arranged transfer,'' the Nov. 19 letter read.

Best known for putting an end to the 2000 presidential election recount effort in Miami-Dade County, Stone is a longtime Spitzer rival.

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''It is also my client's understanding from the same source that Gov. Spitzer did not remove his mid-calf length black socks during the sex act. Perhaps you can use this detail to corroborate Mr. Stone's information,'' the letter said.

Stone, according to the Miami Herald, found out the information through "a social contact in an adult-themed club.''

Spitzer, a former New York attorney general, resigned in disgrace March 12, after getting caught in a call-girl scandal that shattered his corruption-fighting, straight-arrow image.

The 48-year-old Spitzer allegedly spent thousands of dollars on a call girl at a swanky Washington hotel on the night before Valentine's Day.

A spokesman for the FBI's New York office would not confirm the receipt of the letter to the newspaper, while a spokeswoman for Spitzer declined to comment.

A Florida lawyer for Stone told the Miami Herald the letter's release was a way to set the record straight about his client's possible part in the ex-governor's drama.

The Miami Herald reported that the letter they obtained a copy of was addressed to the FBI, but had the names of the addressees blacked out.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.