Sperm Bank Offers 'Clearance Sale' on Select Donors

The Obama administration isn’t the only group rolling out a stimulus package.

Xytex International – one of the nation’s oldest sperm banks – is offering up to $200 off a vial of sperm to clients who need a little financial help starting their family.

"We're all feeling the effects of the economy and, especially for families seeking reproductive options, every dollar counts," Xytex spokeswoman Danielle Moores told the Washington, D.C. bureau of Agence-France Presse.

So, in these touch economic times, the company decided to offer deals on vials from their "select" donors.

These "select" donors are men who have provided Xytex with "many, many vials because they're very successful donors or able to stop in several times a week or — for whatever reason, we have a huge inventory," Moores explained to AFP.

I guess you could call it a clearance sale of sorts.

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