You know, speaking truth to power used to be heroic, often met with admiration and applause, followed by a profile in The Times. But then something funny happened: People started speaking truth to power to people who speak truth to power.

And now the man who once inspired, starts to perspire.

The king of cool begins to lose his.

And the side that normally champions freedom of speech is asking America to pipe down.

Check out USA Today, where Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer called the town hall protesters "un-American" for daring to speak up.

How odd that in a different context, with different protesters, these disruptions would be seen as brave. But it's not brave at all because, for once, the media is not on the protesting side. Instead, the media is the "power" that's being spoken to and so they mock those that they would normally hail.

But these protesters are ripe for mockery because they're ripe... as in old.

And you know that protesters can only be young and hot. VH1's "Lords of the Revolution" series devotes one night to the Black Panthers, a group filled with murderous hate. But they were young, black and adorable. And, who can forget the pointless WTO protest flick called "Battle in Seattle," which made every protester hot enough to sleep with — which, as you know, is pure fiction (most resembled Squeaky Fromm in her prime).

But don't expect the same sexy treatment for the white haired from Walgreens. To columnists and comedians, they're caricatures: Cranky old fascists waving their canes irrationally at the black guy.

It's enough to make me want to hurl my FiberCon through a window.

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