The first Swede in space knows just what to serve his astronaut colleagues for dinner: moose and crisp bread.

Christer Fuglesang, who is set to become the first Swedish astronaut to embark on a space mission next month, said Thursday he will bring a decidedly Scandinavian flavor to the food menu aboard the International Space Station.

Fuglesang will serve dried moose meat, crisp bread and gingerbread cookies — a Christmas favorite in Sweden — to his colleagues on one of the 12 days he is set to spend on the ISS.

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"It's going to be a strange experience to eat in weightlessness," Fuglesang said in a statement sent out by the Swedish National Space Board. "But I'm sure my colleagues will appreciate the Swedish contributions."

Fuglesang is part of a crew set to travel to the ISS on NASA's Discovery space shuttle in early December, to do repairs on the station and conduct research experiments.

In honor of sending the first Swede into space, NASA has named the mission after Anders Celsius, a Swedish scientist and astronomer who designed the temperature scale that bears his name.