A teenager spent four days in the hospital after a trip to a Turkish spa went awry, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Kate Green, 19, from Bedminster, Bristol in England, decided to try the “Turkish Bath” at the Mira Luna Hotel in Bumbet, Bodrum in Turkey, which included a 20-minute sauna sit and an exfoliating scrub.

Green said when she left the spa her skin was stripped from her arms, shoulders and back, literally “hanging off” her body. When she complained to the spa officials, she was told it was just a bad reaction because she had “sensitive skin.”

Spa officials said they would fix her skin by giving her a moisturizing treatment and another round of exfoliation. However, the second session left her in so much pain; she went straight to the hospital.

“You don’t expect to be butchered by a day spa,” Green said. “The doctors said I looked like a burns victim, but I think I looked more like I had fallen off a motorbike.”

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