South Carolina Woman Sues Victoria's Secret Over Alleged Bra Injury

A Greenville, S.C., woman who filed a lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret saying that a defective bra seriously cut one of her breasts has submitted a new version of the suit correcting an error in the depth of the wound, Greenville Online reported.

In the original lawsuit, Jessica Lang claimed a bra she bought at the mall “malfunctioned” and caused a cut in her chest and breast "nearly six inches wide and six inches deep." The new claim, filed Thursday, drastically changes that allegation to "3 inches long by 1/4 inch deep, resulting in scarring," Greenville Online reported.

Lang’s attorney, Nathan Hughey, says the mistake was a result of a clerical error in a legal document when the lawsuit was originally filed in 2005. It has since been moved from state to federal court. Victoria’s Secret claims no wrongdoing in the alleged injury. They say Lang’s injuries were caused by her own negligence.

Lang claims she was fired from Alegis Group in Greenville after she had to miss work to recover from the bra-induced injury. Hughey told Greenville Online that the bra "broke and the wire came through and lacerated her breast."

The lawsuit claims that Victoria's Secret "so negligently and carelessly designed, manufactured, constructed, assembled, inspected, and sold the brassiere that it was dangerous and unsafe for its intended uses" and caused Lang "lost wages, pain and suffering, future disability, loss of prospective business relations and medical expenses."

Lang’s lawsuit asks for unspecified actual and punitive damages.

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