A South Carolina woman, who mistakenly had 13 teeth extracted by a dentist, has been awarded a $2 million settlement.

The ordeal started in 2006 when Elizabeth Smith, 38, went to have dental work done at the Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, S.C., the New York Daily News reported.

At the time she agreed to have the dentist extract three teeth, but somehow the dentist mistakenly removed all 16 of her top teeth, according to the report.

After the monumental mix-up, clinic employees then tried to cover up the mistake in her chart, Smith’s lawyer, Robert Ronson, said during the trial. The clinic denies any wrongdoing and lawyers for the establishment are now considering an appeal.

As for Smith, Ronson said she is now looking forward to getting her teeth fixed – a procedure that could cost an estimated $80,000.

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