South African Game Preserve Owner Killed by Lions

The owner of a game reserve was mauled to death by a pride of lions Friday as helpless paramedics looked on.

The South African Press Association reported that paramedics called to the Krugersdorp Game Reserve, near Johannesburg, could only watch as lions attacked Dirk Brink, 58.

"It was extremely dangerous for them to approach," said Mark Stokoe, spokesman for emergency rescue service Netcare 911.

"Paramedics could not attend to him immediately and they had to wait for game rangers and police to chase the lions away," he said.

This took a "significant amount of time," he said, adding Brink was dead by the time he could be approached.

"The attack was very bad. The door to his car was open when we got there and it appears the lions dragged him to the bushes before attacking him," he said.