Source: Ben-Jen Will Still Walk Down the Aisle

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Jennifer Lopez (search) and Ben Affleck (search) are still making wedding plans as of Wednesday, a source close to Lopez has told the Associated Press.

The two remain engaged, the source said, and Affleck's publicist added, "they're fine."

Rumors about a break-up began after Affleck allegedly spent time with a couple of strippers. And it didn't help that Lopez was seen around town without the multi-million-dollar engagement ring he gave her.

In addition, Ben and Jen's new movie "Gigli" (search) has become a box-office bomb, with some people questioning if the film's failure will put more stress on the couple.

Experts, however, have said it appears Lopez and Affleck are bruised, but not battered from the "Gigli" disaster. The studio that made "Gigli," however, is feeling the aches and pains of losing $30 million.

In another blow to J.Lo, an Internet survey concluded that Jennifer Aniston's backside tops Lopez's bottom.

In a survey by, Aniston narrowly beat out Lopez for the best butt in Hollywood. According to the poll, more than 46 percent of Americans think Aniston has the "most attractive" derriere, while more than 45 percent think Lopez does. Oprah Winfrey (search) got 7 percent of the vote. Calista Flockhart (search) got just 1 percent.