The Soup Nazi branches out, Trump plays games, Brandy is mum on Scientology and Joan Rivers gets a ‘Nip/Tuck’ in The Foxlight.

Maybe there is soup for you. ‘Seinfeld’ staple The Soup Nazi (search) is going big-time. Despite claiming he hated the national exposure, the real guy who Jerry based the character on is franchising the operation. There could be a Soup Kitchen International coming to a town near you. Just be sure to have your order ready, money in hand -- and don't ask for the bread or fruit.

Donald Trump (search) has a new version of his 1989 board game coming out. Does the game include any bankruptcy cards? Actually, it does according to Trump, who's laughing all the way to, well, not the bank.

The singer Brandy says she hasn't joined the Church of Scientology like famous friends John Travolta and Tom Cruise. But the New York Post says she has. She does rave about it in an obscure Web site interview. If Scientology is so great, why don't the celebrities talk more openly about it? If the Post is right, Brandy won't even admit she's in.

Finally, love the idea of Joan Rivers (search) playing herself on the season finale of "Nip/Tuck." But does the storyline involve her having some skin put back in? She tuckered out.