Sopranos Star Divorcing Husband

Lorraine Bracco | Golden Globe 

Sopranos Star Divorcing Husband

"The papers are in."

So said Sopranos star Lorraine Bracco on Sunday night when I asked about the status of her marriage to actor Edward James Olmos. They are getting a divorce.

Bracco and Olmos married in 1994, but their relationship has been a roller-coaster ride. Their divorce is not unexpected, but still its announcement confirms what many suspected all along.

The couple has had an uphill battle from the beginning, when Bracco's former husband, actor Harvey Keitel, threw many obstacles in their way. Keitel's focus was on making sure that his and Bracco's daughter, Stella, spent as little time as possible with Olmos. Accusations and legal actions flew between exes, and Olmos was painted in an unflattering way.

In the end, Olmos wound up spending all his time on the West Coast, with Bracco reviving her career on the East Coast playing Dr. Jennifer Melfi on the hit HBO show.

As long ago as two years ago, I spotted Olmos at a post-Grammy party with Carlos Santana celebrating his birthday without Bracco. It was obvious that the couple was barely together.

But Bracco, who is a popular and welcome presence on the New York celeb scene, always has refused to discuss the marriage in the past other than to reiterate her love for "Eddie."

Keitel recently remarried and fathered another child.

Golden Parties Amid Tight Security

The Golden Globe parties went all night at Merv Griffin's Beverly Hilton. Some were more successful than others.

Warner Bros. was the biggest loser. Franchise stars Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington and Steven Spielberg stayed away. The former two headed off to Mr. Chow's with super agent Ed Limato. The latter stuck to the DreamWorks/USA Films combined fete at Trader Vic's. Warner's invitees had to settle for quick looks at some of the cast of Friends.

The biggest excitement early on in the evening came at Trader Vic's where three different camps set up shop immediately. These sites were captained by Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Robert Altman.

Crowe entertained his new/old girlfriend, a pretty blonde whom he recently reconnected with, as well as Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams. Adams told me he's finishing up work on a new Disney animated feature for which he's written the songs and also provides a voice over.

Crowe told me he'd written his eloquent acceptance speech about 20 minutes before the show started. How does he feel about possibly winning his second Oscar in a row? "I'd be happy to join up with Spencer Tracy and Tom Hanks," he said, referring to the only other actors to win back-to-back trophies.

Altman's corner of Trader Vic's was a bit livelier, with his Gosford Park cast — including Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban and Ryan Phillippe — all helping him enjoy his win for best director.

The most unusual aspect of this scene was Rolling Stone Keith Richards with wife Patti Hansen. The pair — who were checked into their hotel under Patti's last name — have grown friendly with USA Films president Scott Greenstein, which accounts for their ubiquity lately at Gosford Park events.

Richards was indeed part of the melee that ensued when Altman's Golden Globe award was dropped by either Smith or Mirren as it was passed back and forth. Richards told me later that, shockingly, it was the first time he'd ever met fellow Brit Maggie Smith. "It's not my world," he said. "I'm in rock bands. I play the guitar, y'know."

Meantime, Kidman — who'd taken her parents as her dates to the Globes — celebrated with family and friends. She spent little time at the 20th Century Fox party for Moulin Rouge. Instead Hugh Hefner and his dancing bunnies took over that dance floor. But Nicole was gracious and fun as ever, signing autographs and chatting with one and all. There was no mention of Tom Cruise, but at one point she did cross paths with Tom's cousin William Mapother, who's been such a hit in the Oscar-bound In the Bedroom as the killer. The two are still friendly despite the famous Cruise/Kidman split, so nice in this civilized age.

Also spotted at the DreamWorks/USA/Universal cha-cha: actors Jeremy Irons, Robert Forster, Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, director Taylor Hackford and DreamWorks co-chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Meanwhile upstairs at the Miramax party, Kevin Spacey mixed it up with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and his wife Theresa. What a strange trio. Spacey wore sunglasses for a good part of the evening, and sort of continued to play Quoyle from The Shipping News.

Also spotted at Miramax: their two acting winners, Sissy Spacek and Jim Broadbent, as well as Kate Winslet with Sam Mendes, Harrison Ford, Robert Forster, Christina Ricci and Ben Affleck, among others. Miramax's party was so packed at one point that hotel security had to be asked by the fire marshall to cut off the entrance. That didn't stop Sean 'P Diddy' Combs from cruising the room, as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rachel Griffiths, plus Bandits star Troy Garity with his couture clothing designer girlfriend, and Dimension house director Wes Craven, currently working on a new film for the studio called Pulse.

Later I found Christian Slater with wife Ryan Haddon and a slew of other stars and execs at the ICM party at Ago on Melrose Avenue.

Tomorrow, more stars, parties, and stories from the Globes.