'Sopranos' Actor Gets Probation for Criminal Mischief Charge

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The actor who played Tony Soprano's bodyguard in the latest season of the hit HBO television series will dodge a criminal mischief charge if he stays out of trouble for the next six months, his attorney said. Louis Gross, 23, was arrested in April after a woman claimed that he broke into her home. His lawyer, Samuel Bernstein, said Gross was staying with a friend and got locked out before the "misunderstanding" occurred.

"He didn't steal anything," Bernstein said Friday. "He just got his own stuff, and he's offered to pay for the door."

Under the deal, the case against Gross will be dismissed if he avoids arrest for the next six months, Bernstein said. Gross played muscle-bound bodyguard Perry Annunziata, whose most memorable scene this season was taking a beating from Tony before a roomful of crime family associates.

After his arrest, Gross told reporters: "I don't know nothing. I'm innocent. I'm always innocent." Shooting for the last season of "The Sopranos" begins in two weeks.