Sony Corp, the world's largest consumer electronics maker, said its President and Chief Operating Officer Kunitake Ando unveiled a pact with AOL Time Warner Inc. that will bring the two giants together to develop high-speed and networking products.

It marks one of the first major relationship for the Internet and media giant with a consumer electronics company in the high-speed services arena and expands both companies' efforts to overcome the hurdles that have slowed the prevalence of broadband and convergence.

One of the problems with broadband, or high-speed services, is lack of adequate content. The pact can help accelerate consumer interest with such services.

As part of the agreement, AOL and Sony will work to develop gateway technologies, which tie together different devices and an Internet browser compatible with Sony's networked consumer electronic devices.

Sony also struck a deal with Nokia Corp. to develop software and service platforms that will allow mobile handsets and other electronics devices to connect and easily share content.