Sony has conjured a new controller at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The PlayStation maker unveiled a prototype wand-shaped motion controller at their splashy E3 presentation Tuesday at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The unnamed PlayStation 3 controller has a light-emitting sphere on the end that can be recognized by the PlayStation Eye camera.

The unnamed apparatus was demonstrated with prototype software that transformed the device on screen into such objects as a sword, mace, flashlight and gun with one-to-one motion control. Two of the gizmos were combined and used as a virtual bow that could shoot arrows at enemies.

Sony said the new controller would be available next year in spring.

The wand wasn't the only new contraption on display. Sony Computer Entertainment America president Kaz Hirai revealed what he called "the worst kept secret of E3": the PSP go, a small wi-fi enabled handheld device that relies only on downloads instead of discs.

The new system will not replace the exciting Playstation Portable. Hirai also announced PlayStation 3's video download service would be available on both the PSP and PSP go.

Among the games unveiled for the PS3: role-playing game "Final Fantasy XIV," user-generated racing game "ModNation Racer" and "Agent" from "Grand Theft Auto" developer Rockstar Games. "Gran Turismo" and "Metal Gear Solid" titles for PSP were also showcased.