I hope you noticed that all the stories we did Tuesday have a common theme running through them: Something is wrong, either with the stories or with us.

Something is wrong when we can't take the proper precautions on the border when there's fear of a swine flu pandemic; when our leaders display the ultimate in style over substance by choosing to panic New Yorkers with an Air Force One photo ops despite swine flu, being in the middle of a devastating recession and without even considering their obvious sensitivity to a low flying plane over ground zero to New Yorkers.

Something is wrong when the government is ramming through a green tax of cap and trade, even though the people are speaking in poll after poll that shows a record percentage say global warming is exaggerated.

And something is definitely wrong when the government fails to recognize natural law and avoids the Constitution.

Let's be clear: Our country is changing in fundamental ways. Are we paying attention?

I want to bring you back to Barack Obama's teleprompter. He may be able to play it off as a joke with the press that adores him, but something is wrong when our president is always on prompter.

It's not just Obama. Every one of these guys are run through focus groups and sanitized through speech writers. Can we not have a dialogue with the president of the United States or our representatives anymore? Can we not have someone like Lincoln who just sat down and wrote the Gettysburg Address in his own handwriting?

Barack Obama will have been in office 100 days Wednesday, so maybe this is just the road that we're on. So where does this road lead?

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