I want to talk to you straight about the future. Not the future you hear from politicians; the real future that you should know about. Because we're on a collision course here, my friends. A collision with reality.

The reality is, we are spending far more than we are taking in. Over the years, five times more than we'll be taking in.

So something has to come out or a lot more has to come in.

I think both. So I think taxes are going up — a lot. And not just for some — for everybody. And pretty soon on everything. Sodas just for starters. Lots more pop to come.

And all because our government has popped. It's just popped. It's been happening for years. Republicans, Democrats, it's just popped.

Which gets me to my next prediction: Social Security — it's popped. Kiss it goodbye, at least as an entitlement. Soon it'll be welfare. Mean to say, I know. But means-tested soon, I also know. Live with it. Ain't fair. Ain't right. I'm telling you, just is.

So when you think food stamps, think Social Security because pretty soon I want you to think they're the same. They will be.
Think I'm nuts? Think again.

Because I did the math and I know. And I know that they know. And I know they know I know. And that they could have prevented all this if they had only tinkered with this. Adjusted maybe the retirement age for Social Security or the benefit formula for Social Security.

But they didn't. And now Social Security is done. And all that money you paid into it will be for naught. Sorry. Naught for you, just another welfare program for someone else.

Good for them. Bad for you.

Because we've run out of money and we've run out of options. And the only option left is charging you a lot more for the privilege of government. Even though most of you won't be getting squat from government.

Sorry. They won't tell you. I felt I had to warn you. So open your mind. And, by the way, while you're opening your mind, you might want to open something else: your wallet.

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