While we obsess over Iraq, somebody better watch China.

Does anybody remember it was Chinese military provocations — Chinese fighters buzzing our surveillance aircraft — which led to the Bush administration's first international crisis?

And have we all noticed that China is sucking up the world's raw materials at an astonishing rate — iron ore, coal, oil, you name it...

Have we connected the dots and realized that by going to Wal-Mart and buying stuff made in China, we have created a huge factory nation that is using oil to generate its electrical power... so what we have done is 1. Ship our jobs overseas, 2. Enrich China beyond its wildest dreams by buying the stuff they make, and 3. Create another crisis by creating a nation of worker bees that's driving up oil prices.

And what happens if China decides to challenge the U.S. militarily?

The Iraq operation showed how militarily strong America is, but it probably also demonstrated to the Chinese that there are actual limits to U.S. strength.

We only have so many divisions of soldiers and China can field many, many more.

That's My Word.

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