Some People Purposely Misinterpret What I Say to Mount Vicious Attacks

Since I'm the kind of guy who runs his mouth, I tend to get in a lot of trouble.

People get outraged about something I've said, but most often it's confined to the left-wing blogs that hate FOX, and hate me for speaking my mind, and for the war on Christmas and other things.

Normally I ignore it.

But this time I can't.

These attacks fit a pattern: Certain people and self-appointed media watchdogs purposely misinterpret what I've said in order to mount vicious, personal attacks.

I said people in this country should make more babies, particularly those groups whose birthrates are not as high as others.

Why? Because we see what is happening in Europe — Russia is a good example, too — when people stop having babies because they are inconvenient.

Populations cease being self-sustaining and end up filling population gaps with immigrants, who then make demands on the culture the homies might not like, such as the demands for Sharia law in some parts of Europe.

My saying this has been widely and incorrectly misinterpreted as me meaning to say white people in the U.S. should be making more babies because they're being eclipsed by brown people.

I did say Hispanics have a higher birthrate than others in this country. But what I also said was that the others shouldn't make the Hispanics carry the whole load of population replenishment. It's hard work having kids.

A FOX-hating and Gibson-hating blog reported Gibson said brown people are bad and whites should have babies to keep browns down.

While this is not true — not what I said, not what I meant, not what I think — this lie has even appeared in TIME magazine. "The Colbert Report" actually aired a cleverly edited My Word to have me saying something they evidently wanted me saying. Something shockingly racist.

I have expressly stated I have no problem with the evolving racial demographic trends in this country. A browner America doesn't bother me in the slightest. I expect it and I welcome it.

Sometimes I garble my own message, as fans of this segment might have noticed, but for major media outlets to accept the version published by the FOX haters, to not bother checking the original piece, to not call for a clarification before launching an attack calling me a racist is really inexcusable and reveals their real intention, which is to slander and libel and slime.

I don't mind getting hammered for what I did say — and that happens plenty — but to get hammered for what I did not say amounts to nothing more than partisan attack for partisan purposes.

As a grandfather of two babies and the uncle of two adult Hispanic-Americans, I repeat my real feelings on the matter: Have more babies. Everybody. I like all babies.

That's My Word.

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