I know I'm the money guy here at FOX, but sometimes on some days, the money thing doesn't much matter.

Even for me.

Even on a day the market's up a lot. Or down a lot.

Doesn't mean a lot when you look at these images.

Total devastation in China.

At least 12,000 feared dead.

Hundreds of students reportedly perishing when their high school collapsed.

Just like that.

Just like maybe ten times those losses in Myanmar.

Or the instant tornado destruction in Missouri, and a half dozen other states.

The story of a family watching TV, then feeling the earth shake and running to a closet for dear life.

They survived. Their home did not.

Everything they owned, destroyed.

The fellow who shielded himself and his family in that closet simply told me, "We can rebuild. We got the important things."

And I bet you, the stock market wasn't one of those things.

Not a one spoke about stocks.

Or gas prices.

Or home prices.

Or any prices.

Everyone instead focusing on the things that had no price.

Like each other.

You know, as I saw them wandering around the rubble, I didn't see a one clasping bank statements. Or any statement.

I did see more than a few clasping hands.

Which, in the end, made quite a statement.

And a priceless one at that.

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