Some Big-Time Support for Kofi Annan...

Some big-time support for [U.N. Secretary General] Kofi Annan, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Are you ready for this? The Bush administration doesn't want the U.N. chief to resign. Ambassador John Danforth (search) says, "We, America, are expressing confidence in the Secretary-General and in his continuing in office."

Wow. Since Mr. Annan has not exactly been helpful to the U.S.A. over the years, what does this really mean? Well, it means some kind of deal has been made. That's almost a certainty.

There's no question that Annan is not cooperating with Congress in the oil-for-food scandal investigation. Annan has also been a huge problem in Iraq. He recently opposed the battle for Fallujah (search). But the Bush people want him to hang around?

How accommodating, how forgiving. Perhaps the spirit of Christmas has benefited Annan.

Far more likely is that Kofi will put U.N. people in place for the Iraqi elections and reopen the U.N. office in Baghdad, protected of course, by American troops.

"Talking Points" believes President Bush now has Annan where he wants him, on the edge of oblivion and is using the leverage. Of course, "Points" could be wrong. And if so, we'll be scolded.

The question is should the U.S.A. overlook Annan's inglorious past and use him in the future? Is the president looking out for us by supporting Annan's job? The answer is I don't know. And you won't hear me say that very often.

So let's put it up for a vote. Our new poll asks, do you approve of President Bush supporting Annan? Do you approve of President Bush supporting Annan, yes or no? We want to know what you hear. Remember, the guy's in a position to help the U.S.A. The more the U.N. participates in Iraq, the more burden is taken away from our military.

On the other hand, Annan has been terrible to America and has obviously made many serious mistakes. So this is a complicated situation that requires some thought. President Bush is rewarding bad behavior, no question, but it might be for the betterment of America. You make the call. Check out and vote over the weekend. It's free. I want everybody to do it.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Our pal Jesse Jackson (search) says the presidential election is not over and is making a moral appeal for a thorough investigation of the vote.

Speaking at a left-wing event, Jackson also threatened Congress, saying, "I urge Congress to act before Michael Moore comes and exposes the violation and the capitulation again."

Well, all I can say is, ooooh, Michael Moore! Ridiculous? Not in the Land of Oz that Jackson and his supporters live in.

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