Some Big Story Viewers Have No Sympathy for Reservists Overseas

On Wednesday, I stepped in it and tracked it all over the house — evidently.

I was speaking up for the reservists and guardsmen who have left their jobs for a year's deployment, whose families are sometimes struggling on military pay while Mr. or Ms. Breadwinner is in Iraq.

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Silly me!

I didn't know there was so much jealousy and resentment out there, but we got your email...

"They knew very well what they would get and they gambled they never would have to serve. It is time for them to salute smartly and QUIT The WHINING!"

"As the wife of a U.S. Marine, I can assure you that regular, active duty servicemen and women are serving long terms of duty overseas and don't have the luxury of someday returning to their 'civilian' jobs with higher pay like reservists do."
Jeannine P.
Wellington, Florida

"They voluntarily signed for the pay and the retirement benefits on the condition that they would serve in an emergency. You're now saying that they had their fingers crossed and we should pay them more that the active duty servicemen with whom they serve."
Martin S.
Valencia, CA

"You cannot imagine how angry I was when you suggested help for the families of reservists that have been called up to active duty. what do you think the active duty families do year after year after year?"
Trish H. Fort Polk, LA

So there... the active duty want to see the reservists lose their houses and cars? Hmmm... could that be possible?

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