Hundreds of people marked the anniversary of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy today examining the place from which investigators say the fatal bullet was fired.

About 200 people were navigating through the Sixth-Floor Museum in Dallas around midday, examining exhibits and artifacts on the 43rd anniversary of the 35th U-S president's death.

Investigators say Lee Harvey Oswald was at a sixth-floor window of what was then the Texas School Book Depository building when he fired the shots that killed Kennedy and wounded Texas Governor John Connally.

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Also in the museum today — covered with a black cloth — is the piano on which John Lennon composed the 1970s peace anthem "Imagine." The piano is there for a photo shoot later today. The photo will be featured in an exhibition celebrating peace.

The piano is owned by British pop singer George Michael and was shipped to Goss Gallery in Dallas for a display, which will include the work of three war photographers. The gallery is owned by Michael's long-time partner, Kenny Goss.