David Kay (search) says forget it. Saddam Hussein probably didn't have tons of WMD. The Brits and French will jump up and down in glee. "We were right," they will shout.

But hang on here. Kay also said terrorists were passing through Iraq making deals, which the anti-war crowd has been denying for some time.

He also said that Iraqi scientists were fooling Saddam all the time, hustling him for money and then running whatever kind of weapons program they wanted.

The last thing the Iraqis were trying to do, according to Kay, was build some kind of ricin bomb. Ricin is bad, bad stuff.

But Saddam had turned into Mr. Gullible and any Iraqi in a white lab coat could sell him about anything. Meanwhile, Al Qaeda (search) is checked in at the Al Rashid Hotel, shopping around for things to try to smuggle into New York City.

This was bad stuff...

It's also bad that the CIA couldn't figure out that scientists were lying to Saddam, that they didn't know the flimflam men of Iraqi science were fooling the boss, and so fooling the U.S., Britain, France, Germany and everybody else in the world who were certain Saddam still had those big bad weapons, and had never proved he'd gotten rid of them.

Do I feel bad because I supported the war and the WMD weren't there? Hell, no... I'd feel bad if I opposed the war and Saddam was still there.

That's My Word.

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