We might have issues with global warming, but you know something? We've never warmed to throwing things at people who buy global warming and we've never called them Neanderthals for refusing to hear other points of views on global warming.

Not in all my time here have we ever equated the possibility of climate going up, with people's simple decency going down.

I'm open to the debate, but you can't say there is no debate when those framing it frame the data to suit them then stupidly e-mail directives urging no one ever see them.

You can't say your opponents don't have open minds if you're not open to hearing what's on their mind and what information isn't in your arsenal or crucial material being hid from your side.

You can't win over those to your point of view if you make a point of heckling those who don't share your view.

You called those who shouted down politicians at health care forums, overbearing for doing that, but have no problem with environmentalists doing that?

So Al Gore's math is fine; challenging his math is not. Buying all of Al's conclusions delightful; questioning how he comes to his conclusions, not?

No, my friends, if you call people acting up at health care rallies buffoons, even when they didn't throw a thing, you can't condone those acting up at environmentalist pow-wows, even as they throw lots of things.

Because throwing out figures to suit you is one thing; throwing objects at those citing other figures that might not suit you is another.

One proves you might be a liar. The other all but proves you're a loser.

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