Washington's record-breaking snowfall on Saturday brought about 200 grown men and women to the corner of 14th and U streets for a massive snowball fight.

But what started as a good-natured romp in the snow soon took a turn toward the unexpected — and potentially dangerous — when an undercover D.C. police officer became involved in a verbal altercation with members of the crowd and allegedly pulled out his gun.

The snowball fight was captured on film by local television and amateur videographers.

Click here for video of the event.

The officer, a D.C. detective, approached the crowd before appearing to unholster his gun. The officer, who has not been identified, admitted to removing his gun in the video.

A uniformed officer then responded to the scene after receiving calls about an armed individual, according to the Washington Post. The officer in uniform pulled out his gun as he approached the plain-clothes detective. Police told the Wasington Post that as soon as the detective identified himself, the patrol officer put his gun away.

D.C. police said the patrol officer appeared to have acted appropriately and that an investigation is underway.

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