Smart Deal: New York City Garages Offer 50 Percent Parking Discount for Microcar

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As if finding a parking spot on New York City’s crowded streets wasn’t incentive enough, owners of the half-a-car-sized Smart Fortwo can now park in several of the city’s garages for half price.

Meyers Parking is offering owners of Smart’s cars 50-percent off at the six garages it runs throughout the city, including locations near Times Square and Madison Square Garden, where daily rates can run between $34 and $44.

One the problems with the Fortwo is that its greatest asset, diminutive size, isn’t always an advantage in U.S. cities where many parking spaces are one size fits all, and you have to pay the same whether the car you drive is 9- or 19-feet long. In Europe, where Smart has sold nearly 700,000 of the cars over the past decade, many discounts and parking incentives are available to owners of the Fortwo and other microcars.

But if you want to check out the Big Apple on a budget, you’d better hurry. The current deal is only good through the end of the year.