Sleep Deprivation

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As promised, today I have posted some pictures from our trip to interview former President Bush 41. Please click on the links in the photo box above to check out my photo essays. I have tried to explain the individual pictures with text below the picture, but my software program does not give me much room for text — or I don't know how to do it (good chance that it is latter.) There are several pictures of the Bush 41 museum as well as Mrs. Bush and their pet Sadie.

Last night's show was in New York City... and today we're back in D.C. If I slurred my words on last night's show it was not a drink or two, but lack of sleep (three hours of sleep on Monday night in Houston... unless you count the one hour on the flight to New York City yesterday morning — then it is four.) As you know from reading this bog, my job is very easy — it is just the sleeping part from time to time. (Recently I asked General Scales what they did during the 11-plus day Hamburger Hill battle in Vietnam about sleep. He said, "We didn't" and added that they tried to grab 10 minutes here and there, but that it was very difficult. I can't even begin to imagine how they did it. Like I said, my job is easy.)

Being in New York City last night, I got to see some people — in person — who I usually only see on the TV. I saw Sean Hannity for about 25 seconds as we passed in the make up room. Sean always comes in for make up about nine seconds before he goes on the air. The make up artist is always anxiously waiting for him since he cuts it so close. His arrival is like a huge whirlwind descending upon the make up room and nightly causes the staff to wonder whether (fear?) he will be late for the show. He is never late... he just scares the staff.

I also saw Susan Estrich in the makeup room. She lives in California (law professor at USC) but was in New York to guest host for Alan Colmes last night on "Hannity & Colmes." She was also busy. In addition to the show, she was doing radio, writing her newspaper column, etc.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 — This next e-mail corrects a mistake I made yesterday in the blog. But what makes the correction REALLY fun for me is that it is from a friend who works at the State Department. She forwarded to me an e-mail from her Mother. I am immensely flattered that her Mother reads the blog:

Greta: your blog... this is from my mom
Subject: All wrong!
I happened to look at Greta' Blog today, and she says that there was no e-mail in Bush 41 Admin. NOT TRUE — we had e-mail in the last part of Reagan's 2nd Admin. (remember the Secret Service took them during Iran-Contra?) She states that Clinton Admin was 1st admin to have e-mail! Not true

E-mail No. 2

My husband and I love FOX! All except "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren." She is TERRIBLE! You have so many other FOX anchors that are better and more qualified! I hope you will reconsider this decision. Until then... you have lost two viewers!
P.S. How about Laurie Dhue?
Janie Gould

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
What if Natalee agreed to have sex with Joran BEFORE she became intoxicated? No one knows what they said to each other or if Joran was just touting his manhood and nothing happened. She isn't here to make the charges and no evidence that anything happened.
If having a few drinks is enough to claim rape everyone who picks up a girl in a bar is subject to conviction. What about personal responsibility? She is an adult both here and in Aruba and must take some responsibility for her actions.
Lars Nilsson,
Stockholm, Sweden

E-mail No. 4

I enjoy your reporting very much. I have followed the Natalee Holloway story and I am thankful you have kept the story open as you have. I have a theory on this case and I was hoping you could clarify: has anyone investigated the idea that Natalee may have been sold into a sex-slavery operation? I know this sounds "out there" but I've read about it happening a lot in Mexico and the girls are then very hard to find.
I wouldn't put it past some of the key players in this event to do something like that and it would explain the "mystery" around the whole disappearance. Has this ever been investigated or are there mitigating circumstances that would make it impossible?
I was hoping you might know. I feel so very bad for Beth and Natalee's father. I have a daughter about her age and would be in agony every day. I am sure your help to Beth is very much appreciated. Thank you for any answers you may have.

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
Aruba is only now investigating Natalee's disappearance due to decline in their tourism due to the NEGATIVE publicity generated by their lack of investigation and investors bungles.
College and H.S. Spring Break happens in March and April, so Aruba must now to PRETEND they are trying to find Natalie. They want Americans to again come to Aruba during spring break! Why has Aruba waited 7+ months to go to Mt. Brook, AL to talk with those on the trip when Natalee disappeared? Most of the former H.S. students are now in colleges throughout USA — not in Mt. Brook! Aruba is not fooling us!
Show the world that the Aruba govt. is trying to do a PR move, not find out what happened to Natalee. Beth and Dave need to find Natalie's body for closure. And the guilty in Aruba (or now those in Netherlands) need to be punished for what they have done.
Greta, Thanks for all you have done to shed light on what terrible things can happen to Americans traveling abroad under laws not fair and just.

E-mail No. 6 — This is from Jeff Brown. If you watched the show, you know Jim Hammer called in sick on Monday night. We discussed it on Monday with Jeff on air:

FYI, re: last night — I got the call for the show because Hammer was sick so I called him up to see if he was OK and we found out that he came down with the 24-hour stomach flu on Friday night. Turns out I had the same thing Saturday night. However, he was lying in bed still on Monday while I was defending the Constitution — again (prosecutors and Republicans are relentless in chipping away at that glorious document). So I gave him considerable grief for calling in sick and let him know that turning a 24-hour stomach flu into a 96-hour near-death experience would have on air consequences and that is why some "shots" were taken at Jim... as Paul Harvey says, or is he dead and thus, "Said?," now you know the rest of the story….

E-mail No. 7

You interrupt the former PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES President Bush LIVE to put commercials on. I like FOX, but there are rules of protocol and that is a major breach. Get a clue.
Sparks Allcott

E-mail No. 8 — This next e-mailer forgot to put his/her name on the e-mail:

Get some new material you talentless slug. Natalee Holloway is still dead and she will be in five years while your still reporting about her!

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