Slaughter of Pet Piglets May Be Work of Serial Animal Killer

The vicious slaughter and mutilation of two pet piglets in Plant City, Fla., Friday may be the work of a serial animal killer, MyFoxTampa reported Sunday.

The two baby pigs, Rebel and Dixie, were being raised by 13-year-old twins Lindsay and Leann Farkas, but met a grisly end when their killer broke into their pen, allowed a dog to attack and torture the pigs, and then stabbed them to death. The twins discovered the gruesome scene when they went to feed the pigs early Saturday morning.

The Farkas family told MyFoxTampa that they decided to speak publicly about the killings after learning that other pet pigs in the area had met similar fates. They are offering a $100 reward for information about the pet predator.

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According to the report, Rebel and Dixie had multiple dog bites on their bodies, their ears were shredded, and a square of skin was cut from each pig--suggesting the killer wanted a "trophy" from the crime. Paw prints were found inside the pen, as was damage indicating that the two piglets frantically had tried to escape their attackers. Authorities told MyFoxTampa they believe the killer watched as the dog tortured the pigs for some time, then ultimately killed the pigs by stabbing them with a spear or a knife.

The killer faces first-degree felony animal cruelty charges.