Slain Infant's Mother to Killers: 'God Will Get You'

The Detroit mother of an infant shot to death while he slept warned the child's killers they'd be punished by a power higher than the law.

"God will get you," Seleena Tafflemire said Monday at a press conference about the shooting death of her 4-month-old son Walter Brogan III, who was hit by a spray of bullets in her home, according to the Detroit News.

Police have no suspects and few leads in the case.

"Please, please, I beg you to come forward," Tafflemire said. "This is not right. This was cruel."

The paper said the mother had gotten up to give her baby some medicine when the shooting began. Police believe it might have involved an argument between two groups of men, the News said.

The crime prompted the head of the city council to call for the death penalty for child killers.

"Two teenagers were gunned down last week, now a 4-month-old baby is murdered while asleep," Monica Conyers said in a statement released to the paper. "If we are not mad as hell about this, we have lost our humanity."

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