A sixth day into the cautious, painstaking search of the charred hulk of the historic Mizpah Hotel, no more victims were found in Reno's deadliest fire.

Also on Monday, six of the 11 people who died in the Halloween night arson have been identified, although their names will not be released until relatives are notified, the acting coroner said.

Steve Finnell said fingerprints were used to confirm the names of the six, who died of smoke inhalation.

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The other five were removed from the blackened shell of the north wing, where the roof collapsed onto the third floor and part of that floor fell onto the second story. Finnell said they would have to be identified through dental records or DNA samples.

Finnell said the names of the six people match those on a list of guests in the residential hotel.

Reno police and fire crews, joined by experts from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, continued the slow job of searching for additional victims on Monday.

One man in a cage dangling from a crane peered down into the rubble of the third floor while another crane removed rubble from the burned-out rooms. Large metal trash containers lined the former valet parking lot for Harrah's Reno just across the street from the Mizpah.

The work was slowed by the instability of the hotel's north wing. It was built in 1922 of unreinforced brick. In addition, while burned timbers and black debris were dumped from the windows on the north wall, much of the rubble had to be screened because the hotel is a crime scene, according to Joe Durousseau, a special operations chief with the Reno Fire Department.

Police arrested a casino cook and paroled killer, Valerie Moore, who they suspect started the blaze by igniting a mattress.

Moore, 47, was being held without bail on a parole violation while the investigation continues, said Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick.

Some of the investigators were expected to be pulled off the job on Tuesday in anticipation of reopening the busy street on the south side of the structure.

At the fire scene, a makeshift memorial of flowers, votive candles, metallized balloons and handwritten signs was in place along the chain link fence surrounding the hotel. One said, "I love you Cris," and another said, "Please pray for those who are missing."

Along with the 11 people killed, at least 30 were injured, three critically. Officials estimate 60 to 80 people were living at the $150-a-week residential hotel.

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