Sites Unseen: Sand, Silver and Sauerkraut

With this week's sites you can ride the Web wave to a sandy land, foil your roomie and get some tasty recipes for sauerkraut.

To help you navigate the online universe, check out some of the sites below. Click on the highlighted words to get to the related Web site. (Editor's note: FOX News does not endorse outside sites or content, but presents the information below as a benefit to readers of

Netting Sand

“Like sands through the hour glass … so are the days of our lives.”

That might be a perfect heading for, if it was not already the property of one wildly popular soap opera. Here you will find the official Web site for the International Sand Collectors Society.

Want to know how you can become a sand collector? Have interest in learning about different sands from around the world? Then this is the sight for you.

Foil Me Once

Project Foil,, pays a lot of attention to detail, but there is nothing scientific going on here.

The mission: Destroy your roommate's room by covering everything with aluminum foil.

This sinister plot is the brainchild of three Miami University students who, admittedly, have nothing better to do with their time.

Sauerkraut Dessert?

Finally, sauerkraut isn't just for hot dogs. There's a whole world of sauerkraut recipes out there!
And is just the site to find them.

It'll show you how to whip up some krauted chicken Parmesan, a kraut quiche and there is even a recipe for chocolate sauerkraut cake.

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