Want a handicap of the presidential race? Wonder if you are pressing your luck? Ever think you’d see a softer side of spam? Well check out this week's sites ...

To help you navigate the online universe, check out some of the sites below. Click on the highlighted words to get to the related Web site. (Editor's note: FOX News does not endorse outside sites or content, but presents the information below as a benefit to readers of FOXNews.com)

Crash Course in Politics

Electoral-vote.com will get you up to speed on politics in a click. The site offers a colored map break down of red states and blue states, and information on how much of a role they'll each play Nov. 2nd. And you can even find out more about what the Electoral College (search) is and why it exists.

Largest List of Superstitions on the Web

If a groom drops the wedding band during the ceremony, is the marriage doomed? Well that is what an old superstition says.

But you can see about that and more for yourself on Oldsuperstitions.com. It's right near the entry about how babies that are born with teeth will become extremely selfish.

Put Spam in the Recyclable Bin

Finally, for all you who get fed up with the barrage of junk mail that seems to find your in-box, you have to check out Spamusement.com.

It's a Web site that turns those familiar spam e-mail titles into cartoons. While the drawings might be pretty low-tech, at least it gives those pesky items "some" redeeming value.

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