An Internet site that purported to be selling access to actor Colin Farrell's explicit sex tape was shut down Tuesday for violating a court order blocking release of the 15-minute video, the actor's publicist said.

The Web site, dirtycolin.com, could not be accessed Tuesday night but at least one other Web site offered what appeared to be censored stills from the tape of Farrell engaging in sex acts with his then-girlfriend, Nicole Narain.

The stills were posted on the Web site idontlikeyouinthatway.com, which reported that dirtycolin.com had stated: "Colin tried to stop us from showing you this. Well, here it is anyways."

"A Web site attempting to distribute an unauthorized tape of Colin Farrell was shut down today. Mr. Farrell will take legal action against anyone who tries to distribute this tape," said a statement issued by Farrell publicist Danica Smith.

The statement did not say who had shut down the site.

Farrell sued Narain last year, accusing her of trying to distribute the tape through an intermediary.

A lawyer for Narain — Playboy's Miss January 2002 — has said she never tried to profit from the tape.

Farrell argued that the tape was made more than two years ago on the understanding that it never would be made public and releasing it would harm his career.

A Superior Court judge in Los Angeles has issued an order temporarily barring the sale, distribution or display of the tape.