Sissy Spacek in a Oscar-Worthy Performance

She is in the dictionary under "genteel." Or is it "gracious?" Perhaps both.

Sissy Spacek has come a long way since she warbled as a Coal Miner's Daughter or torched her prom as Carrie.

In her new film, the critically adored In the Bedroom, she is a monster of a different type. She's revenge-driven housewife who simmers to an occasional boil but won't rest until justice is served for the death of her son.

In person Spacek is a lovely southern woman and her farm in Charlottesville, Va. is a world away from Hollywood. She is open, candid and is enjoying the attention of this little film.

McCuddy: Sissy, why don't you work more?

Spacek: (Smiling) That's a good question. Uh, you know I usually work, once, about once or twice a year. And it's always been that way.

McCuddy: And that's your choice.

Spacek: Yeah, though, you know...if some great project came along I wouldn't say, 'I'm sorry, I've already worked my once or twice.' But historically in my life, that's about how often I find something that I really want to do. Although, years have gone by when I didn't. Then the rumor was out that I was retired but it was really (pantomiming turning pages quickly) madly...looking...for...something I wanted to do!

McCuddy: You were tired. You weren't retired. You were looking for were reading scripts. Did you pass on anything that became famous that you said, 'Oh, why didn't I do that?'

Spacek: Oh...uh...when my children were babies I passed on everything. Regardless of what it became. And I've had no, no regrets.

McCuddy: What was the biggest of those hits?

Spacek: (Smiling) Ohhhh, I wouldn't say.

McCuddy: C'mon.

Spacek: Wouldn't say. No. No.

McCuddy: One?

Spacek: No, that wouldn't be fair to me or the person who...

McCuddy: Meryl Streep wasn't sending you payments to keep having children?

Spacek: (Laughing) Meryl, you can stop now.

McCuddy: You know, you're in a Miramax movie.

Spacek: Yes I am.

McCuddy: A very serious one, near the end of the year...

Spacek: (Nodding)

McCuddy: ...and that has 'Oscar Campaign' written all over it. Are you ready for that?

Spacek: Always ready.

McCuddy: I mean it goes without saying that it is an Oscar-worthy performance.

Spacek: Oh, thank you. Um, well, always ready. Always ready. Never expecting.

McCuddy: Because you're not one of those people that likes to do the Hollywood thing. Come out. Go on a lot of shows. That's my perception.

Spacek: Well...

McCuddy: You live on a farm in Virginia.

Spacek: Right. I've got my hands full. I've got my hands full.

McCuddy: Do you get up and, I don't know, milk a cow?

Spacek: Oh no, we have no cows.

McCuddy: No?

Spacek: We just have kids and dogs and cats and horses.

McCuddy: So what's a typical 'Sissy Spacek day?'

Spacek: Oh, I do just usually what everybody else does. I make my bed. Straighten up the house. Feed my children. Get them to school. Run my errands. I'm a maaaaaaajor procrastinator so I usually do everything that's unimportant first.

McCuddy: As opposed to this character who seems to have everything organized.

Spacek: (Quickly) Oh, I'm very organized. But I'm...her work is right there, but yes, she's more organized than I am.

McCuddy: Well get ready, get organized.

Spacek: I've been trying to get organized. I need help! Oh, my gosh!

McCuddy: Because you're going to the Oscars.

Spacek: Bless your heart.

'In The Bedroom' is in limited release.