Signs, The Good Girl and Martin Lawrence

Signs, The Good Girl and Martin Lawrence in the Foxlight.

Some critics loved it, others had it on their worst list. For my money M. Night Shyamalan is still trying to top himself after The Sixth Sense. And all "Signs" still point to the fact that he may never get there. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix are so somber that the kids steal this movie. It makes the fatal mistake of showing us the boogeymen and that always works against our imagination. Deleted scenes and director commentary on the new DVD probably won't explain much more.

Next some of the Friends cast can make good movies. Jennifer Aniston is great in a small film about everyday life in The Good Girl. An outstanding supporting cast and a dead-on look at small town life landed this on a few 10 Best lists last year. This 'girl' is very good indeed. And it will look even better on the small screen.

Finally, Martin Lawrence still doesn't talk to me after our run-in at the press junket for his concert movie Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat. He accused me of bringing up his drug and gun related problems. I guess he thinks it's only funny to talk about those things in the film. This movie was a modest success but frankly plays like a therapist session crossed with a new age message tape. Runteldat doesn't require that you run to the video store.