Sienna Miller's Missing Diamond

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Sienna Miller's Missing Diamond

Jude Law's fiancée, actress Sienna Miller, has a confession to make: She's lost a tiny diamond from the setting of her beautiful engagement ring.

"I think it came off in a mitten," she told me the other night. "And the mitten is gone."

Never mind — Miller will marry Law eventually and even get her diamond back.

Meantime, she's considering joining her publicist and British actor Hugh Dancy on a pilgrimage to see Barry Manilow in his new Las Vegas show.

"We love Barry Manilow," her publicist informed me, and they are not kidding.

So where is Jude while all this frivolity is occurring? In New Orleans, shooting the remake of Robert Penn Warren's classic novel "All the King's Men."

"We're trying to lure him to Vegas," said one of Miller's crowd jovially. "But we're not having much luck."

Wyclef Sends Actress Into Labor

Actress Holly Robinson Peete — nine months pregnant with her fourth child by NFL star Rodney Peete — was so moved by Wyclef Jean's performance last night at Ebony magazine's 60th anniversary party that her water broke.

An ambulance pulled right up to the tony Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills and whisked her away.

Clef, ironically, was singing his hit "Somebody Call 911." Someone did, that's for sure.

The Ebony party brought out some heavy hitters. Among them: Best Actor nominee Don Cheadle, Oprah Winfrey with O Magazine's Gayle King, Quincy Jones, Star Jones Reynolds and hubby Al Reynolds, legends like Brock Peters and Glynn Turman, cameos from P. Diddy, Usher, Pauletta (Mrs. Denzel) Washington, actress CCH Pounder, Samuel L. Jackson and his wife LaTanya Richardson and "Ray" co-star Clifton Powell.

There was even a rare appearance by Joseph Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, who came with celebrity interviewer Daphne Barak.

I asked Jackson when his autobiography — released only in Germany, in German — would see the light of day here.

"After it's been out in every other country," Jackson replied. "They have a way of spinning things here."

You have to admit, that's brilliant.

The Ebony party was called "Hollywood in Harlem," and it was notable for featuring a wild impromptu performance by Jean at its end.

He sang the Bob Marley classic "No Woman No Cry," and plucked the strings of his electric guitar — perfectly — with his teeth.

Before that, he told me he'd temporarily joined the cast of "Third Watch" on NBC.

"I did one episode and they asked me back for five more," he said proudly.

Wyclef also just finished filming a movie with Cuba Gooding, Jr. He really is a Renaissance man.

Cheadle was honored by Ebony and showed up, but two other honorees — Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman — were missing.

Foxx was stuck shooting his new movie, "Jarhead," 50 miles away. And Freeman was in the private pilot's version of traffic school after having had an incident flying his private plane.

Members Only — Well, Not Really

We all know the Groucho Marx joke, the one Woody Allen repeated at the end of "Annie Hall": "I wouldn't want to be a member of a club that would have me."

But what if being a member of a club isn't enough to let you in?

That's certainly the dilemma for members of Soho House, the private club from London and New York that has set up shop in the Mt. Olympus neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills at 1 Electra Court. (This is kind of a private but ungated area full of cypress trees, like the ones they have in Greece.)

Last night I watched as two members of the club — one from New York, the other from London — got turned away because they weren't on a special list.

To add insult to injury, these members pay $1,200 a year for the privilege of being rejected. (I think this is called "masochism," but I'm not sure.)

I thought this was an interesting situation and mentioned it to the club's P.R. director, Tim, who was standing outside the private home rented by Soho House for a few nights to serve as its clubhouse.

He was more interested in telling me that something in yesterday's 411 column was wrong.

"Drew Barrymore did not use the spa, and she's very upset that people think she did," he said. "She was only here for her birthday party."

Why was she upset that people thought she used the spa? That was not made clear.

Of course, I've never gotten over what a publicist said the night of the premiere of the second "Charlie's Angels" movie: "Drew doesn't want to talk to anyone. She just wants to spend time with her family."

Of course, Drew was famous for not speaking to either of her parents, but that point was lost entirely.

Meantime, while club members couldn't get in, the security people were very happy to tell us that Tim Robbins was inside enjoying the free food and drink.

"It's a hot night," one of them said.

Actually, though, it was a cold night, so we decided to leave. We never quite figured out who lives at 1 Electra Court, even though on Wednesday night he was pointed out with his friends sitting in his own living room.

His name apparently is Eddie, and, according to the wags in charge, his house had to be completely redecorated in order to be suitable for finer tastes.

When the weekend is over, we were reassured, 1 Electra Court will be recast exactly as it was and restored to its prior, gauche state. Eddie will no doubt be happy to hear that.

Chris Rock Rocks

With all the private parties going on last night, how could there not be one for Chris Rock ?

The new host of the Oscars was surprised by his pals at the hot new Central restaurant in Sunset Plaza, designed by Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone.

Rock, we are hopeful, is now pumped and stoked, as they say, to put on a raucous Oscar show.

Forget the usual Oscar pool — the real betting is how long it will take before the first bleep or time-delay edit takes place, thanks to Rock's salty jokes.

My guess is it won't be long, and personally, I can't wait.