For the first time in August, Steve, E.D. and I are together and it’s been great to have the team back together.

This has been a strange, but great week here in New York City working for FOX News. Why? Well, on Tuesday about 1,000 people showed up to express their belief that we should shut up. I highly doubt we will. In fact, I know we won't. I was kind of hurt that the protesters (search) did not have my head blown up and displayed in a show of disdain like Britt, Bill and Sean. It just goes to show how far I have to go in my career.

What else is different about New York this week? The building is surrounded by cement flowerpots, the streets have bike rack walls and I have actually been going out to convention events. It’s nice to know so many people watch our channel and appreciate our show. I have never answered so many personal questions about Steve and E.D. You know things like their dreams, goals and medical history.

I personally had a chance to go watch Gov. Arnold Tuesday night and he was the definition of power and poise. For the record, I thought the Bush kids were great and I think most in the arena thought the same thing. I was shocked by how many thought it was poorly done, but different is bad to many people and they are different.

As for the parties, I went to Sen. Frist’s on Tuesday night and just missed E.D. Wednesday night, Sens. Chamblis and McCain are having a gathering and I promise to tell all! The problem is I can't stay long because this morning show starts… well, so early!

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