Shriver May Take Leave From 'Dateline'

NBC News is talking with California first lady Maria Shriver (search) about an extended leave from her "Dateline NBC" job.

NBC News President Neal Shapiro (search) is expected to meet with Shriver next week in California, his spokeswoman, Allison Gollust, said Tuesday. "Given that this is uncharted territory for both Neal and Maria, they are working together to figure out what's best for everyone," she said.

Gollust denied a New York Daily News report that NBC had asked Shriver to resign because of concerns about how she could maintain a reporter's objectivity while involved in the administration of her husband, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) — who was giving his first state of the state speech Tuesday.

A resignation hasn't been discussed, but an extended leave or limited role at NBC are possibilities, she said.

Shriver took a leave to work on her husband's campaign, and since then has made two appearances as an anchor on "Dateline NBC." She has reported no stories for the newsmagazine.

Donna Lucas, a Shriver spokeswoman, said Shriver is still working out her role, with her four children as top priorities.

Shriver said as much during a Thanksgiving appearance at a Sacramento food bank: "I have no clue how I'll fit all these pieces of my life together."

The Daily News said NBC News officials were nervous about stories suggesting Shriver had helped lobby to get her husband's budget plan passed by California legislators.

Gollust noted that Shriver, as a member of the Kennedy family, had been able to successfully juggle roles as journalist and public figure in the past.