If Barack Obama does not do well in Pennsylvania Tuesday, he can blame Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Weather Underground guy William Ayers. His associations with those two anti-American men have raised questions among some voters, especially because we still don't know all that much about Senator Obama.

The radical left, of course is, appalled that Wright and Ayers have become an issue that could hurt Senator Obama. Far-left zealot David Carr, who uses his media column in The New York Times to push his insane view of life, called the questioning of Obama by the ABC guys "a disgusting spectacle." Carr, a former crack addict, apparently believes that anti-American rhetoric from associates of a presidential candidate is not worthy of discussion.

Another far-left media person, reporter Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, actually wrote that the extremist past of William Ayers has never bothered anyone in Chicago. How absurd. Ayers, of course, has implied that he should have planted more bombs to hurt Americans.

Now, all this nutty stuff doesn't help Barack Obama at all. Again, most Americans, including Chicagoans, do not approve of Wright and Ayers and want a strong denunciation of them. While it is brutally unfair to suggest that Obama believes the craziness of Wright and Ayers, it is fair to ask him about those men.

As far as issues being far more important than this stuff, I believe we have heard from all the candidates on the issues, have we not? Let me give you one example of how dishonest the issue dodge really is.

The most important problem facing the USA right now is oil prices, and none of the candidates can do a thing about them. They say they can, but that's complete bull. The oil cartel is going to charge as much as it can. The Arabs, Chavez and the others are going to gouge the world and we can't stop them. The American oil companies are not going to build more refineries and the candidates can't make them. Big oil sees the inevitable shift to alternative energy as going for the big dollars right now.

The Democratic Party opposes most drilling, nuclear energy that liberal countries like France and Sweden have and aggressive action to protect foreign oil supplies. The Republican Party pretty much lets big oil do whatever it wants and refuses to rein in corrupt speculators who drive up the price of oil.

So the next time you hear politicians say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it's complete BS. If Americans want lower gas prices, cut back. Sell those SUVs, ride a bike when you can. If every one of us bought 10 percent less gasoline, prices would fall fast.

That's what the candidates should be saying. We need a strong leader who's honest, smart, courageous and willing to explain dubious associations. That's what we need.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Al Gore is being hammered by PETA, the animal rights people. They've launched a Web site called OffsetAlGore.com, which criticizes the former vice president for eating meat, steaks, things like that.

Well, since most Americans eat meat, and since we should all be able to eat whatever we want to eat, Al Gore is a patriot for doing just that.

On the pinhead front, a low, once again, Boulder, Colorado. On Sunday, about 10,000 folks showed up to smoke pot together in the nation's secular-progressive mountain paradise. This is an annual event at the University of Colorado, which, of course, speaks for itself.

Police didn't do much. I don't know what they could do. We suspect that there were more than a few pinheads present, but of course we could be wrong.

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