Shove Your Stimulus Plan

All right, I know this sounds unpatriotic, but I have a message for Uncle Sam.

Take your stimulus plan and stick it.

Get rid of it. Kill it. Dump it. Be done with it.  Because, frankly, Washington, I've had enough of it.

You're already late with it — very late with it — so scrap it.  This is one time never is better than late.  Here's why: Your package stinks.  There is way too much spending, way too little investing and way, way too little tax cutting.

The purpose of stimulus is to get people stimulated into buying. I say cut their taxes, and watch them start buying.

But I'm not only for tax cuts.  I know government doing the right spending can get other people spending.  But I don't think building bridges in a coveted pork barrel district gets other people spending.  And I don't think rewarding honey contractors in a certain state on some foolish pubic works projects gets other people spending either.

But many in the Senate apparently do.

So I say stop, before you hurt your pathetic selves and us.  Months ago, we asked you — we begged you — please help us.  And this is what you're coming up with: a sucky package. Now I say, go suck an egg.

Besides, by the time we get your paltry attempt at help we'll be out of this fix. I think we're coming out of it now. But that's not the point — your idiocy is.

You had a chance to help, and more than a few of you did. You helped your contributors and your special interest groups. The problem is, you didn't help us.

You saw a blank check and started adding zeroes.

I saw your blank check and the only zeroes I could find were the knuckleheads writing them.

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