The answer is not really. It's interesting. Some of the candidates will be helped by it, some of the weaker ones will be weeded out, but it's only a very small activist snapshot. It doesn't reflect how the majority of Americans really feel.

Now, we in the media love Iowa, because we can get viewers — you — to watch. Also, we get to see the candidates in action. But as I pointed out last night, it's more about money and image than anything else in Iowa.

Now my new print column this week points out that none of the candidates — none of them — really knew what to say about Pakistan when it exploded. We didn't hear any solutions to that complex problem.

And, if you look at illegal immigration, health care, terrorism and other problems America has, there are very few candidates who have creative solutions.

Talking Points believes that no matter what happens tonight, Hillary Clinton will prevail in the long run as the Democratic nominee.

But, on the GOP side, there is no clear indicator. John McCain's comeback after Pakistan proves that.

Barack Obama has run an interesting campaign. Mike Huckabee has come out of nowhere. And Fred Thompson hasn't caught on.

All this is interesting, but does it do America any good? The answer is not really.

Friday night, we'll be reporting from Boston, because on Saturday, we'll be up in New Hampshire doing some reporting — I bet some of the candidates are going to love that.

On Monday, we'll show you what we get and we'll give you an interesting behind the scenes look at the New Hampshire primary, which will be held the following day and is a bit more relevant, I think.

In New Hampshire, anything could happen.

And that's the Memo.

Pinheads & Patriots

This evening, Cher takes up both categories. The 61-year old flamboyant entertainer is shopping a reality program with her daughter Chastity. Apparently, they wanted to develop a TV series that centers on gay kids; Chastity is a lesbian, coming out to their parents.

Now in some circles, this will be considered a good thing. In others, not good at all. So this evening, you can decide whether Cher is a pinhead or a patriot: A new billoreilly.com poll question asks do you like Cher's gay programming idea, yes or no? Do you like Cher's gay programming idea? And we'll give you the results next week.

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