Should We Stay or Should We Go?

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Dear Viewers,

It is Monday and we are live from Washington, D.C., again. There was discussion late last week about going back to Redwood City (search) this week and there is still chance we could go back, but not today.

Mark Geragos (search) should be finished presenting evidence to the jury by Wednesday and then no one knows how long it will take for the jury to decide life or death... or even IF they can decide. If the jury is not unanimous or can not decide, the answer (verdict) becomes automatically "life without parole."

One viewer wrote me over the weekend that Amber Frey had inked a book deal. I have NO idea whether this is true, or not and have not heard this, but we are now looking into it. Although Gloria Allred — Amber Frey's lawyer — is a frequent guest on our show, she gives us no information on the side. We have tried to pry information from her, but she just won't give.

I have not yet spoken to my senior producer (we speak all day long but start the day with a 9:15 a.m. preliminary show planning call), but I anticipate the show tonight will also cover the increasing violence in the Middle East (search). As you know, if you are a frequent viewer, we cover many topics during the hour and the problem we always have is trying to figure out what to cover. In making that decision, we take into account the fact that we have live news cut-ins every 30 minutes on the network, and that we follow an hour of politics. It is not unusual for us to plan a show at 9:15 a.m. to have us change it DURING our 10 p.m. hour.

Here are some e-mails I received after Friday's show (again, randomly selected):

E-mail No. 1:

Hi Greta,
I am sure the news media and these talk-shows will have this teacher hung before she ever gets into the courtroom. Any of the men that talk badly about this teacher are just jealous it was not them or are taking up a lying position due to the cameras. The woman that say bad things about this teacher are just being ridiculous and feeding crap to the camera. Ask this 14 year old if he was hurt in any way, if he says no and I am sure he would with a huge smile on his face, then what is the harm. This teacher has given this 14 year old what we could only dream about at 14 and that money just couldn't buy. If anything or anyone is hurting this 14 year old, it is all the media hype and the police making such a big deal out of nothing. I would love to be on that jury, I not only would find her NOT guilty, but I would introduce her to my 14, 15 and 16 year old sons. Anyone that thinks this is bad parenting, then either you don't have any sons or you just don't know or understand their wants and needs at that age. This would be a big deal and a serious criminal offense if it were a male teacher and any gender student, I would hang him myself. The only person hurt in this case is her, "soon to be ex-husband". As for what Gloria Allmouth is going to say about this teacher, well, it will be something retarded I am sure and will babble on and on and on.
Thanks for reading this,
Chicago, IL

E-mail No. 2

My husband and I have debated for months over whether Scott is guilty or not. He's always believed Scott did it where I have serious doubts.
He may have done it, but I don't believe it was proved. Be that as it may he was found guilty. All of you are talking about what the defense is doing in this penalty phase and the one thing I notice that has not been mentioned is this: If he did do it... maybe all the stuff you're hearing from the witness stand right now is his motive. By all accounts he was a great guy, had a wonderful childhood, was loved and respected by everyone — in other words he had this magnificent image.
Maybe his wife found out about his cheating, threatened to expose him, leave him, and keep his child from him, etc. Maybe the threat of his life-long image being destroyed made him become totally unglued — maybe the idea of being exposed totally devastated him and drove him to murder?
Patti in Indiana

E-mail No. 3

The Canadians expect the United States to protect them in a time of war. And hence they have let their military numbers decline. How can they expect Americans to send our Sons and Daughters to protect the Canadians when they are unwilling to protect themselves?
What does this say about Canadian protecting their own borders, and their attitude toward their own immigration laws?

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
Love your show, watch it everyday. On the Scott Peterson case. Everyone says from going to court everyday they've gotten to know each other — journalists, Petersons and the Rochas. Well have you noticed they all say the same thing about Jackie Peterson as they say about Scott. She's so nice, so polite, good person, blah,blah,blah. They also never see her crying, she even seems at times to have that inappropriate smile that her son has. So apparently she has problems showing emotions or could it be having them at all. She lies for him and not little white ones. You know your child well. You know things about them they don't even realize you're attuned in with. If you listened to her and Lee Peterson you would think there child was Jesus. They knew his whole life he was a very serious liar and probably never made him own up to the responsibilities of his actions when he was wrong. They are in complete denial or realize that he committed murder but won't own up to it. And what's this story about Jackie giving up two children for adoption? Two, that seems pretty cold to me. I think I know where Scott gets these feelings from. Sociopaths are not born, there made that way from there upbringing. He's also a very nice person you know just like his mom! God help us!
Denise M.Ward

E-mail No. 5

GRETA… I love your show. SCOTT PETERSON is not guilty. There is no way he can be found guilty beyond a doubt... I think the media and Gloria had a lot to do with finding him guilty. The police just focused on Scott because it was easier, than finding the real one who did this. How can that happen in today's legal society. If Scott is put to death that jury better really think twice, they did wrong. Reasonable doubt. There is. I know Scott is not a very good person as far as a husband, but that is with a lot of men today. He also shows no emotion, but a lot of people don't. I hope you read this on the news and maybe it will spark some one to think twice before a big mistake is made.I never miss your show.
Mary Davis Galesburg,

E-mail No. 6

Prove to me that you are looking for us.
In Monterrey County, CA. Traffic courts are abusing their power and contributing to the abuse of power by their police officers, no matter what proof you represent they always site on the officer side, it has become real frustrating when you cant get any justice in the legal system and it seems like they are profiling minorities it is very seldom you see a Caucasian in the courts. Please help us to put an end to this abuse, your help will be most appreciated.
PS. Don’t take my word for it, go and investigate first. Thank you
Gerair Balian
Salinas, CA.


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