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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Meanwhile, put up, shut up, or get out. GOP leaders calling on Nancy Pelosi to prove the CIA did, in fact, lie to her or just take it all back. Already some are calling for her to step down.

Republican Senator Kit Bond isn't that far along the way, but he is calling for a lot of questioning here. He is the vice chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee.

Senator, what do you make of the Pelosi situation right now?

SEN. CHRISTOPHER BOND (R), MISSOURI: Well, you and Bill Kristol were having so much fun about it, I almost hated to interrupt the conversation. But it is clear not only from what Leon Panetta said last week — and I assume you've gone through that statement.

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CAVUTO: Right.

BOND: He absolutely threw her under the bus. I have reviewed the notes, the files, the contemporaneous records. And everything points to the fact that they were prepared to and did brief her on all the techniques used on Abu Zubaydah, including waterboarding.

CAVUTO: So there were some lower-ranking House Republicans, Senator, I'm sure you're aware of, already told for her — suggested she step down, Peter King among the more prominent members in the House urging just that. Where do you stand?

BOND: Well, that's going to be up to her and the — and the Democrats in the House. But what I want to see from her is to review the notes and apologize for what she said, because she has called our most valuable tool in fighting terrorism, the intelligence community, a bunch of liars, and that is ruining the morale and the attitude of people we count on.

The — unfortunately, the release of the OLC opinions put the CIA in a CYA mode, and this makes it worse.

CAVUTO: Let me get a sense, then, of what crassly politically Republicans get out of this. Does it slow the Democratic legislative agenda down? And is that, in — in the real heart of hearts here, what's going on here?

BOND: Well, I — I am worried about the national security implications, and that's what's got me frosted. And it has put the CIA in turmoil.

But, clearly, if — as you said earlier, if the — if the market thinks that maybe the current speaker is not going to be — not going to be running the program in the House, the market took great delight in it.

I really think that some of — that the agenda that's coming forth from the House and from the administration could be crippling to the economy. And I don't think that the Pelosi spat will affect it. The market may have thought it would slow it down.

CAVUTO: Well, that's an interesting take, that maybe the fact that it could slow down helped the market. We'll see.

Senator, always good seeing you. Thank you very much.

BOND: Thank you very much, Neil. Always a pleasure.

CAVUTO: Same here. All right.

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