Should Constitutionality Trump Common Sense?

So Dr. Laura is quitting radio in order to regain her First Amendment Rights.

This, after using the N-word repeatedly while arguing with a black woman on her show. The doc apologized, but now says she's going.

Now I don't get this. How can someone who made millions speaking her mind now say she's quitting so she can speak her mind?

Bottom line: You can't get a better gig for exercising your freedom of speech than getting a fat check every time you exercise it! For me, it's like getting paid to shop for unicorn figurines!

So this is kind of stupid. But I will say this: She's getting heat for doing what others do who suffer no consequences.

Take Louis C.K., the brilliant comedian. He starts a cable special with a bit in which he says the N-word a lot. Now, maybe he ran it by Chris Rock first or made sure the audience wasn't the kind that would kill him. Anyway, he gets a pass cuz he's a comic and funnier than crap.

Now Laura has none of that good faith, mainly because she's a conservative who rails against the touchy-feely culture that created so many spineless men and messed up women. For that, she's been more right than wrong.

But when she's wrong, boy is she ever. This current mess is an example.

Finally, this whole thing reminds me of the mosque. In both cases, people are yakking about constitutionality instead of common sense. Common sense tells you that using the N-word — even in some sort of "context" — is thoughtless. Common sense also tells you building a mosque near Ground Zero is thoughtless, too.

And so there you have it; I was able to link the Dr. Laura flap to the mosque. For that, I should get tomorrow off to exercise my right to lounge in my underwear.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who stole my woodland creature chess set. I know who you are, Ryan!

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