Imagine you're heading back to your 20th high school reunion and you're by far the most successful in your returning class.

While many of your classmates have chosen a life of idle drunkenness, their living quarters doubling as their parents' basement, you followed your ambitions and became an envied example of unrivaled success, complimented by friends and cursed by enemies and cattle.

Now imagine you're at that reunion and all those dweebs still living at home are now telling you how to run your business.

Welcome to the Group of 20 economic crisis summit.

According to the foreign press, "seldom has a U.S. president faced such a stern first test overseas as the one awaiting Obama." Yeah, a stern lesson.

We've got the Russian president saying we need new currency. We've got a German chancellor calling for new financial architecture. We've got a French prime minister screaming for something.

True, we've got problems here. But the last thing America needs is to take advice from folks who for the longest time chose principles that crippled economies for decades. We may be in a rough patch, but this isn't the time for the world's greatest power to take counsel from the people who gave us ABBA... and strudel.

Remember folks, if we stick to the principles that made us successful, then even in the worst conditions, we remain the best. Let's just hope Obama still remembers those principles. Or at least has them written down somewhere.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir, are worse than Hitler.

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