Shots in the Dark

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Shots in the Dark

This week, the Kerry campaign hit the president for telling Americans to keep calm about the shortage of flu vaccine (search), while top officials — like Vice President Cheney — got their flu shots.

Cheney received the vaccine because of his 25-year history of heart disease. But the Kerry team failed to mention that former President Clinton also got a flu shot because of his recent heart surgery.

Story Behind the Story

The Washington Post had to make a bit of a correction this week. Last Sunday they reported on a Republican debate-watching party where a woman was "making out" with a picture of Vice President Cheney.

Well, according to the correction, it turns out that the Post photographer asked the woman to pose with the Cheney poster. And the party was held at the urging of the Post, which paid for some of the refreshments.

Clearing the Air?

The Sinclair Broadcast Group (search) aired its much-debated program about John Kerry's Vietnam record on Friday night.

According to early reports, Sinclair originally planned to run much of the anti-Kerry film, "Stolen Honor." But after intense pressure — and a 15 percent plunge in its stock — the company showed only four minutes of that movie, along with clips from a pro-Kerry film.

The Kerry campaign still called the program "a premeditated smear."