Shop 'til You Drop

Dear Viewers,

Many of you have e mailed me since we launched our show about 19 months ago about getting some show mugs, shirts, etc. on our FOX Shop (search) Web site. Well... finally we have them!

Click here you will go right to the FOX News Channel Shop page. I just bought 12 On The Record mugs to give away to friends.

Incidentally, I picked out the jacket that is sold on the Web page. I think the people in the department that handles FOX products were surprised by my choice. I was told that it was thought I would pick something more "conservative" and "lawyer-like" --- whatever that means.   While the jacket is certainly not wild, apparently they thought it was not in character with me but they had fun with my choice. I was surprised by their comment about what they thought I would want for a show jacket. I wonder what impression I give people. I grew up in Wisconsin and I like the jacket. It is definitely a jacket I would wear (I have one and do wear it). Anyway, they agreed it is a great jacket and thus you will find it for sale.

Check it out -- click here -- and I think you will understand.


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