We started Tuesday the way the late shows ended with the latest on the stunning passing of Steve Irwin.

OK, most all of you have seen or heard of Steve, but few have had the opportunity to meet him and interview him multiple times like we have had on "FOX & Friends." We were able to re-run portions of two of those interviews and perhaps later in the week we'll find the others. As you can tell, he was an incredible guest.

The experts say Irwin's death was as unlikely and as unthinkable as it would appear to be. Stingrays don't kill and this one wouldn't have either if it hadn't slammed him right in the heart. I disagree that he died the way he lived: taking risks. The experts say that stingrays for the most part pose little risk. If Irwin died at the hands of an angry croc, I would agree, but not shooting footage for his 8-year-old daughter's series. I just hope the family opts for the state funeral and wouldn't be surprised they have agreed to release the footage of the attack which took Irwin's life. Steve's life was on camera and it's the way he went out. We at "FOX & Friends" miss him already.

As for the show, we talked a little about immigration and were staggered at the numbers that showed how few registered to vote after those massive nationwide protests. Perhaps the politicians should keep that in mind when they worry about whether or not to enact new laws. By the way, don't look for new legislation on that hot issue: Congress has elected not to take it up until after the elections. Good move? You make the call!

As usual, it was great to have Tiki Barber back in his chair and it's still hard to believe the active elite running back chooses to get up at 3:30 a.m. ET on his open day off to be with you… and Kiran. Tiki truly thinks the Giants can go to the Super Bowl and as long as I have known him he has never sounded as confident as he does right now. What a career break it would mean for him. Wait, he is already the Giants' all-time leading rusher and heading to Hall of Fame with a cable network news host job. So, maybe you can say it will shut his twin brother Ronde up, who always taunts him with his Lombardi hardware.

Finally, special thanks to Bo Derek for coming down to hype her new series on My Network TV. The daily series sounds great — just can't believe that Morgan Fairchild kicks her butt in their wrestle-off. It's all amazing how few buttons are utilized in every episode.

Watch "FOX & Friends" on Wednesday when we welcome football legends Emmitt Smith and Joe Theisman and many, many more stellar guests.

See ya!


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