Sharon Stone Sues Doctor for Slander

Actress Sharon Stone (search) claims a Beverly Hills doctor slandered and libeled her by allegedly telling magazines that he performed cosmetic surgery on her famous face.

The lawsuit cites articles in Us Weekly and In Touch magazines that raise the question of whether Stone had a face-lift (search) and suggest it was done by plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria (search).

The "Basic Instinct" star maintains that such allegations damaged her reputation and hurt her ability to find work. She seeks unspecified damages in the lawsuit, filed Monday in Superior Court.

Neither of the articles cites Calabria as saying he performed the surgery.

Arturi Barens, a lawyer for Calabria, called the lawsuit "not well thought out," and said, "Dr. Calabria has never told anyone that he has (performed) surgery on Sharon Stone."

Stone alleges it was Calabria or his associates who contacted the magazines and that such statements tended to expose her "to shame and ridicule, and discourage others in the film industry from association ... or dealing with (her)."

"Sharon Stone has a reputation for her natural beauty and glamour," according to the lawsuit. "While she certainly respects others' choice to do so, Sharon Stone has never undergone a face-lift in order to improve her physical appearance."

The 46-year-old actress also accuses Calabria of putting the magazine articles on his Web site to "boast" of his purported professional relationship with her.

Barens said Calabria put the articles on the Web site because they highlight a particular kind of face-lift he innovated.

"He has a right to choose any articles that reference his name and his practice," Barens said.